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MarukuAntoni's Gameplay Stats Today
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my names mark anthony and im filipino. i like to watch anime, play video games, play the piano, play various sports. hanging out with my family and friends is a must for me. i love food :)
video games, anime, asian dramas and movies, ffr, stepmania, piano, food, and girls.
Fav Music:
piano music, alternative, rock, classical
Fav Movies:
good movies
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x-SarangHae-x writes...
at 12:26:38am on 10/15/12
Ah.. I just moved to Korea with my mom, but I'm visiting over here. What sport do you play?
x-SarangHae-x writes...
at 7:20:49pm on 10/14/12
Nice c: My dad lives over there. How are you doing?
x-SarangHae-x writes...
at 4:27:41am on 10/9/12
Hey ^^
This sounds creepy, but I was looking at your profile and saw you live in Sunnyvale? o: Nice ^^ Haha
roarwave209 writes...
at 10:13:44am on 7/11/12
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 4:02:04am on 8/13/11
Well, that sucks.
Akira I writes...
at 9:19:32pm on 8/6/11
thanks for the vote =P
Xanadeux writes...
at 12:37:47am on 8/6/11
That's silly, you shouldn't delete it from here! And yah, that is definitely a late update- but I approve.
Xanadeux writes...
at 12:10:35am on 8/6/11
Wow, love the Mario Cart song. The nostalgia really works for the romantic tone. I'm friending you!
Bluearrowll writes...
at 12:05:47am on 4/23/11
wouldn't have noticed if I didn't spot the fellow Sharks fan :P
Bluearrowll writes...
at 3:13:06pm on 4/22/11
Happy 4 years here :P
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