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sente3 writes...
at 5:39:26am on 3/14/15
I open up SM from time to time and mess around, but I don't usually play more than a few songs. I don't have the same interest in it that I used to, I suppose. I'm just working and living, really. Got rid of my expense/disaster-imminent car back in October, so I have been walking to work and saving for something new. Hoping to get a Tacoma. Not much else going on. I do, so much, agree with you that it is crazy how much I learned while using this site. Definitely a checkpoint for me.
xTiff3rzx writes...
at 7:23:32pm on 2/23/15
TD_Pnai writes...
at 2:34:13am on 2/4/15
2015 reply! Oh gosh, where have you been! Or more importantly, how have you been?!
sente3 writes...
at 12:07:39pm on 1/31/15
Wow, you still use this site? I rarely go on it. It is fun to play from time to time though. How've you been?
IniX writes...
at 7:39:51pm on 6/6/13
no dad no
xTiff3rzx writes...
at 2:50:57pm on 7/16/11
Silas you should get on skype when you have time
xTiff3rzx writes...
at 9:07:33am on 5/17/11
lmfao. CREEP :]
xTiff3rzx writes...
at 10:18:48am on 5/6/11
you stayed at a hotel for what? lol! that sounds so much fun actually.
:] and its good that your parents give you an allowance time thing at your house ha.
:D thanks. and yes MEAT
xTiff3rzx writes...
at 10:28:58am on 5/3/11
:[ Yeah, there were a few tornados around iowa.
it's been pretty bad, uhmmm :]
i am def. not a lady!
how's it there?
xTiff3rzx writes...
at 8:18:41am on 4/27/11
pshttt.. you think im gunna keep track of your time? its harder to keep track of my time.
i need to jog.
im fat...
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