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I'm Magically Delicous.
Ask me. Talking to people is one of my interests.
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i Guess i'm back.
Posted on: November 12, 2010, at 06:29:28pm   [3 comments]
Doesn't seem to be as much activity on the site as there used to be. I'm sure a lot of people probably might not even know it's up and running again. And I'm sure there are some who have just moved on all together. It might be sad to say, but for some reason this is one of my favorite games, and I have just about every console, yet I still sit here and come back to this site.

...something addicting about arrows and hand-eye coordination...

RE: Rottel-da-stattion
Posted on: May 13, 2008, at 07:48:40am   [2 comments]
Oh yeah.. I FC'd it again. First try, too. xD 2 Boos though >.<

I did it for you, xAfterDawnx. c(=

Undefined FMO FC. >.<
Posted on: March 6, 2008, at 01:47:46pm   [7 comments]
I FC Rottel-da-station.

..It doesn't record.
I get no FC.
lovely. liek wtfux.

My first Guru FC xDDDDDD
Posted on: February 27, 2008, at 02:42:04pm   [3 comments]
Runny Morning (SGX Mix)
7 Tier Pts 8D
No play backs.
I'll give a better score once I get back on my own computer. 8U
Stupidmessedupavmissglitch1337vidz -_-"

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~GJampa writes...
at 3:43:04pm on 1/14/15
2015 post!
wargasm1 writes...
at 8:55:57pm on 10/29/12
ur whale cum
CZarkou II writes...
at 12:50:48pm on 1/23/12
Hi ! : D
Do you remember me ? ; >
sonic2225 writes...
at 7:54:44pm on 7/29/11
Lol same man i been busy with work & break dancing Lol
Ksl33zy24 writes...
at 10:48:01pm on 7/28/11
thanx for yours too (:
sonic2225 writes...
at 12:29:20am on 5/8/11
Yo Corrupt its me Jimmy
The one who bust his head open at the party
manga_freak101 writes...
at 6:57:23pm on 4/22/11
i forget why i said that and thanks for the vote xD
manga_freak101 writes...
at 2:07:13am on 2/19/11
guessing you're pretty lucky
knuckles2224 writes...
at 4:27:43pm on 1/1/11
Just scored
10-2-2-2 on Fictional Nevada lol.
That's insane for me xD
Xtreme2252 writes...
at 2:27:42pm on 12/25/10
Merry Christmas
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