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I'm just some guy.
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Comment wall
darkbiohazard writes...
at 4:12:39pm on 8/19/08
no problem and thx :D
Niwa Daisuke writes...
at 9:44:20am on 8/18/08
Hey hey, can you tell me any songs I can play? Like any recommendations. The easy ones have boring songs, and the good songs are too hard to keep up with.
Niwa Daisuke writes...
at 12:32:40am on 8/13/08
You need to update your list. :]
You already finished Azumanga Daioh.
MarukuAntoni writes...
at 12:34:42am on 6/4/08
hi sir! yes that crepe looks good. i want another! so howve you been?
shini-gama writes...
at 2:00:19am on 5/24/08
kiranaynay writes...
at 6:48:15pm on 5/5/08
oh well I have no idea ^_^*
I just picked it because of she looked like a fox demon
kiranaynay writes...
at 6:26:10pm on 5/5/08
Lady_D writes...
at 4:59:00pm on 5/5/08
Love touhou, very awesome
kiranaynay writes...
at 4:58:57pm on 5/5/08
awesome avi!
mhbrokendreams writes...
at 3:30:52pm on 4/30/08
awww no problem at all
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