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Industrial, Experimental Music, but I'm mostly a metalhead
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Primer, Donnie Darko, Rec, Watchmen, The Dark Knight, Clockwork Orange, A Scanner Darkly, El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's labyrinth), Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Pi, Hable con Ella (Talk to Her), Muholland Dr, Lost Highway. There are lots more, I enjoy any interesting movie.
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SSBB SSBM writes at 11:11:54am on 7/30/11
This is Zekramcross. sorry about any confusion.
SSBB SSBM writes at 11:11:21am on 7/30/11
You might have seen me around in some tourneys. Nice 6-0-0-2 score on that smash song. I got 9-2-0-2 on it on my alt account SSBB SBBM.
Everr writes at 9:34:55am on 7/29/11
there good for D1! My ghost scores might be worth the lowest of D2 but there nothing compaired to yours.. but Ill still try to push you as far as you can go (:
Everr writes at 9:38:53am on 7/28/11
well jez us haha Im definatly going to lose to you in this round for midnights tourney.. but hey man (: I love the competition so Ill give it my best shot! (: but just saying I cant even get close to a tier point and Im looking at your level stats and there pretty nice. anyway goodluck and hope nothing goes wrong
Panic4Me writes at 11:20:04am on 7/6/11
Thanks for the vote. :]
Kasu_404 writes at 9:07:10pm on 7/5/11
I see :O it's cute anyway :P
Kasu_404 writes at 2:22:32am on 7/3/11
love your ava! x3
kjwkjw writes at 11:21:15am on 6/18/11
Thanks for the vote!
Andrew Mitchell writes at 2:58:56pm on 6/15/11
well done getting that score in the tourney I don't think i'm gonna beat it, I can't even full combo the damn thing anymore lol
nois-or-e writes at 8:27:28am on 1/28/11
I've been moved to your team, I have the #1 req covered.