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i'm yuri. i'm 24. i've been on this site for too many years. disposition wise i'm pretty hyperactive, unless i'm sleep deprived, which turns me into the human emobodiment of the shrug emoji.
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Posted on: December 11, 2013, at 10:01:14am   [0 comments]
my final exams are over :D
okay i will play a few games and then i am going back to sleep

holy shit yo.
Posted on: January 24, 2012, at 10:47:25pm   [1 comment]
finally FC'd straight to video after how many years of being on FFR?
this calls for some sort of reward. maybe a victory slurpee from 7-11.

Comment wall
Seductive angel writes...
at 11:27:14am on 1/6/14
Well then. How did that go?
Pizza is good.
Seductive angel writes...
at 4:53:54pm on 12/12/13
Yuurrriiiii I'm booreedd (~@.@)~
I don't even know if your on but I'm messaging you anyways because boredom.
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 3:07:19am on 12/12/13
Thanks for the thumbs up c:
Seductive angel writes...
at 10:40:26am on 12/11/13
I've been trying the last few weeks but I can't seem to do it
Seductive angel writes...
at 10:30:50am on 12/11/13
Oh nice. Good luck with that. My mission is to stay up for 24 hours and go to bed at a normal time and not wake up 15 hours later.
Seductive angel writes...
at 9:53:15am on 12/11/13
lol kay. Still an AAA to me :) I'm in pain and tired. How about you?
Seductive angel writes...
at 3:01:37am on 12/11/13
Awww yeah baby~ We're the best haha
Seductive angel writes...
at 7:48:58pm on 12/9/13
Your an Aries too? /)'O'(\ Didn't think I would actually be friends with another Aries. Just read your "About me". Pretty neat. Even though you said you incapable of AAAing anything, you still managed to AAA something :P
XCV writes...
at 12:18:10pm on 12/9/13
XCV writes...
at 12:36:58am on 12/9/13
you found iamx through that one video didn't you
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