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xxburriedaly06xx writes...
at 12:35:28pm on 4/18/11
hey, might not remember me. We used to play like ages ago. DO YOU STILL GET ON RUNESCAPE?
3304life writes...
at 7:18:55pm on 11/22/07
oh yeah, and Change the colour of your background =Plol
its a little to, Boring...... lol xP :/
3304life writes...
at 4:23:34pm on 11/22/07
But over here, we don't celebrate thanksgiving.... we have already celebrated it.... =P
3304life writes...
at 8:54:04pm on 10/9/07
oh yeah, =P i forgot the <333333 ^-^
3304life writes...
at 8:53:45pm on 10/9/07
hey Lubb. Go on ffr! >.>
I have to face you!!! Like Ohhh Emmm Geee!!!!
daringdaniel1111 writes...
at 11:58:37pm on 10/7/07
Thanks for the thumbs up.
3304life writes...
at 12:30:00pm on 9/10/07
Hey, long time I havn't talked to you, on ffr =P lol
I am so addicted Myspace now..... O.o
All cuz of...... You!!! xD
Thanks! Luv ya! <33
Harshmellows writes...
at 6:57:41pm on 9/7/07
lool. I pwn j00
xxburriedaly06xx writes...
at 10:30:01pm on 8/24/07
my runescape acc is banned i hate runescape
vifs writes...
at 10:07:27am on 8/21/07
thanks for the profile vote
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