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-= vRofl =-
Posted on: August 14, 2011, at 10:18:32am

So yeah I fuccin got vRofl in 16 hours and 15 minutes, the record actually on all FFR. I took 1 single 10 minutes break at 500Mil points to eat 2 toasts and a banana. All the rest was non-stop whoring of RATO. I did not listen to anything else than that song, had to focus on the fast rolls so I didn't miss a note on them. I got some FC's here and there in my run, even on last 50Mil (Just to prove Dossar that I could always hit the rolls lmao). Frank was my biggest support; without him, I don't even think I would've got 1Bil seriously. Also, what happened is that my goal changed at 500Mil from "Beat Adam's score" to "Get it the fastest possible" which I think I did haha. 1.5Bil with RATO would require an -insane- mental and physical endurance because of the energy you must put into the faster parts. My combos went like this: FC's most of the time until 250Mil, some FC's and ~1000 notes combos until 600Mil and Rare FC's and more bad combos until 1Bil (By FC I mean FC all the song and stop right before easy part begin at the end). If anybody else go for vRofl, do NOT do it with RATO... unless you want to break my time record which you won't be able to do. :3 Thanks to people who supported us. :D

  1. How good is the song?

  2. vRofl is Rofl. I don't care about the song, I wanted the token lmao. :3

  3. Congratulations on completing it that fast. c:

  4. Way to beast it. XD

  5. perserverence :) happily theres support for u XD

  6. <3~ Respect for Opkiller now.
    It kinda felt like a team effort; you mentally boosted my determination throughout that day, and I thank you.

  7. Good Job :D BANANA and Toast yumm

  8. I was just browsing along, came across your profile... Say this random thought. Had to congratulate you. That's amazing, man. That's beyond amazing.

  9. T'a du jouer 16h15 d'affiler pour avoir VROFL ? C'est ça ?

  10. I can't believe you used rato lmao

  11. You a fucking boss.

  12. well holy fucking shittt. also pleaase comment my oldest rt

  13. Oh, the memories. You rock

  14. Amaze.

  15. Congrats on the highest single day total. That's fucking awesome. IIRC I had about an hour left I could have played but my goal was 1.5 so I just messed around in the forums until my time expired that day haha. Seriously though, great work. It's a hell of a grind