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I'm 17. I love anime. I live for music. I like to try everything ,super adventurous and hyper.I don't take anything for granted. I love bass GUITAR!!!! Bassist don't get enough love =^.^=
I love Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy , my favorite Final Fantasy characters are Vincent Valentine and Lightning ,Huge fan of black rock shooter, and anything anime
Fav Music:
Dubstep,Techno,Metal, alternative rock, basically anything rock ;) Huge fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers since middle school.
Fav Movies:
Spirited Away (super old anime movie) The girl who leaped through time, Transformers,Final Fantasy the spirits within and advent children
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ShadowSpawn13 writes...
at 2:00:08pm on 4/30/12
Thanks ^-^
and yeah i have its pretty awesome! :D
Have you heard the "in for the kill" skrillex remix??
its pretty great!
ShadowSpawn13 writes...
at 9:55:15am on 4/28/12
Sounds good :D
except the busy part lol
everythings been the same with me really :/
still working, hangin with my friends same old same old.
i was wondering why you had dissapeared all of a sudden xD
you were someone i enjoyed talking to :)
i dont really get on ffr anymore, the lag is wayyy to frustrating for me so i stopped and got Stepmania again so i wouldnt bash my head into my computer.. lol
and sorry for the paragraph xD
ShadowSpawn13 writes...
at 1:27:54pm on 2/19/12
Hey how have you been?
i hadnt logged in for like a month.. lol
ShadowSpawn13 writes...
at 3:09:26pm on 1/8/12
wow what an honor. :D
hope everyone has a nice time! :)
and well over hree not much, we got back from NC a while ago and i havent worked for a week because my boss isnt here. >.>
but yeah just here with my wife and my dog relaxing. lol
ShadowSpawn13 writes...
at 1:48:43pm on 1/8/12
oh thats great! and yeah what i meant before is i guess dont let anyone push you to go to college and do something you dont like; but youre good then. :D
so anyways, hows the weekend goin?
ShadowSpawn13 writes...
at 3:28:58pm on 1/6/12
thats great ha xD
are you gonna go to college or anything?
btw, dont let people force you to choose something to study after high school if youre not sure you really like it..
parents can be bitches in that sense.
ShadowSpawn13 writes...
at 5:35:15pm on 1/4/12
yeah seriously LOL
so anyways you mentioned this was your last year?
thats cool i hope you enjoyed high school lol
ShadowSpawn13 writes...
at 4:07:35pm on 1/4/12
im exactly the same i dont really get into the "popular stuff" it annoys me, specially since they abuse the songs on the radio so it makes even MORE annoying...
ShadowSpawn13 writes...
at 4:01:30pm on 1/4/12
wow i couldnt have said it better! perfect explanation!
i was thinking maybe you wouldnt get me. lol
im gonna try to look up new things i can listen since im getting a little bored of the "usual" bands lol
ShadowSpawn13 writes...
at 3:45:23pm on 1/4/12
man i cant believe you brought such an old band up xD
i remember now.. middle school was ill niño, H.I.M, rammstein, sonata artica, zeromancer lmao i remembered that little phase when you brought ill niño up. :)
its funny how every year you always have like a different compilation of bands you listen to throughout it you know?
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