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Third account I've made. >.> Hey everyone im Xemnas nice to meet you. :) Im 22 and living life happily. ^-^ I have a pretty dark style but im a very happy person on the inside. :D I love having fun and chilling with my friends and going to raves, goth events and concerts. Not gonna bore you guys with more details about me so just comment. :) Oh feel free to add me on snapchat snapchat "Necrolox" don't be shy :D
World of Warcraft, Stepmania, ITG, FFR, nekos, playing guitar, drawing, and of course my love, MIKUUUUUUU!!!!! (vocaloid) oh and i LOVE Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. :D
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This is hard for me.. lol Im pretty open with music but i prefer melodic metal, death metal, black metal etc. >:D I also love dubstep,trance, house all that good stuff. ;) Oh and i love Square Enix music.
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Posted on: March 22, 2012, at 02:06:47pm   [2 comments]
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Godnick writes at 7:11:45am on 8/31/18
Thanks for the thumbs up, also congrats on the 5 Billion Grand Total!!! Key up the awesome focus!
Mrowmrew writes at 5:55:42pm on 9/2/14
Aw crap, 1.1k public FCs. ]]:
Revelation20k writes at 10:46:15pm on 6/29/13
thx for the vote
Nikita.45 writes at 1:46:44pm on 4/24/13
ty for the vote :3
theuglyshygirl writes at 10:35:20pm on 4/20/13
that's awesome im so happy for you sweetie <3
theuglyshygirl writes at 6:21:50pm on 4/18/13
rele what kind of car hun thats awesome. and yea i agree shit happensfor a reasion sometimeswe dont understand it but you will eventually yeah i agree being single will be better less drama and everything
theuglyshygirl writes at 1:39:07pm on 4/17/13
iv been real good actually. iv gota job atm as a rn im so excited about it. and im single so that helps as well wih all the problems i had before. and i miss you so much lol. ohh and im sorry about your job i wish i could help hun
theuglyshygirl writes at 9:20:37pm on 4/10/13
omg hey sorry its been so long, havnt rele been around the computer I miss you sweetie <3 hows life
m3t4kn1ght writes at 5:35:40pm on 3/16/13
thanks a lot mate! :)
ULTIMEGA writes at 10:10:52am on 3/1/13
Poison. Be careful. She has a surprise for you.