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tyler the god
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hi I'm Tyler and I love to hang out with the ladies and my friends.
girls and swimming
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blame it by jamie foxx
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the warriors
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About the god
Posted on: July 29, 2009, at 01:56:58am   [2 comments]
Yo, I'm tyler I'm into skateting, drawing, being crazy when I drink to much water, school, makeing lots of friend, hanging out with the ladies, and graduating high school very early. I always talked about going to japan when I saw tokyo drift and I only know 5 words in japanese so I'm going to learn from my freind kimberly I'm moving out there as soon as I graduate high school and cannot live without a tv because I love watching tv so much. I'm a very nice person if you get to know me and if you have a prob with you need to get out of my page becuase I'm crazy when I'm angry and I will find out where live if you have a prob. To be honest with you I have never kissed a girl yet but I can't wait till high school because I got ex out there R.I.P Chris.

About the god
Posted on: July 28, 2009, at 07:40:08pm   [0 comments]
hey as you know I'm tyler I'm a crazy person. I'm pretty much in to drawing, break danceing, music, skateing, shcool, going on the computer because I cannot live without a computer in my life and I'm movin out to tokyo when gradute high shcool early to get some free time out there because I always wanted to live out in tokyo when saw the fast and furious tokyo drift and I wanted to speak japanese to because I only know 4 words in japanese And I'm always nice to girls always and would never ever put my hands on a female like that If i go out with you I pay for everything but were going to the movies on the fisrt date and were not going to a cheap movie theater were going to the best of the best I will never cheat on a girl unless she cheats on me first I mean last word I said and I'm single.

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prince vegeta writes...
at 5:50:09pm on 11/23/09
a tyler what have u been up 2? we seemed 2 have fell out of reach 4 a while u still going 2 japan? if so hit me back & i will give u my #. it will be nice 2 sc u again.
the lost angel writes...
at 10:01:13pm on 9/8/09
sup tyler whoooooo!!, jamin my brain out wit techno and trance!
sick-o writes...
at 2:34:04pm on 7/30/09
party ;o LOL
and you?
mawlieepop.xo writes...
at 11:50:31pm on 7/29/09
haha, well i think most people do, but then again, some neighbours can be nice.
AloshaZ writes...
at 11:39:57am on 7/29/09
yes =)
nice profile btw =D
april13 writes...
at 10:52:02am on 7/29/09
im almost 13
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 2:01:11am on 7/29/09
your welcome
Shortboyownz writes...
at 12:05:50am on 7/29/09
Yyyyyyoou put your left foot in you puuut your left foot out you put your left foot in and you shake it all about you do the hoecky poeck and you turn your self around .....thats wat a Flare is all about.
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 9:26:38pm on 7/28/09
well when you play ffr, you play a song, and either you FC it, or AAA, or just get a number of perfects that were required, and you unlock a token, by the tab off ffr, there is a word thats says token, you clikc it, and it brings you to a pg, you look at all the tokens that you are able to unlock--you know when you look on the left side of your pro, and you have those 5 sqaures, im talking about the first one
april13 writes...
at 8:08:12pm on 7/28/09
sure i guess old r u? and im jw
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