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not alot 2 say... i am human (at least i think i am) and i come from earth. DO NOT TRUST ELMO!!!!! *fap fap fap*
Hmmmm DDR, FFR, Stepmania, and the almighty anime.... BOW DOWN TO THE ANIMATED GOODNESS!!!!
Fav Music:
Metal, rock, J-music, Indie
Fav Movies:
Memoirs of a Geisha, ANYTHING with Vin Deisel, Any anime movies... as long as they are not cheesy and have horrible american voice overs!!
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EtherCloud writes...
at 1:23:08pm on 9/29/08
want on my friend list? look at my random thoughts there is a thread leave comments and ill be your friend:)
italianmonkey92 writes...
at 6:45:40pm on 9/25/08
yeah.. everything is money, money, money these days.. it is rlly sad...
EtherCloud writes...
at 3:30:37pm on 9/24/08
nice profile by the way
EtherCloud writes...
at 3:29:47pm on 9/24/08
heres cooler icon lolz
italianmonkey92 writes...
at 3:55:45pm on 9/23/08
well i think it would b kool to vist were u live... living in n.y. gets annoying sfter a while....
italianmonkey92 writes...
at 5:05:16pm on 9/22/08
good... well today my glasses broke so now i am very blind... not really i just can't c far away...
vald1901 writes...
at 9:08:11pm on 9/21/08
koolkumilol writes...
at 7:17:17pm on 9/21/08
im doing good how bout urself
Inuyasha115 writes...
at 6:28:41pm on 9/21/08
Mmk. :p
Inuyasha115 writes...
at 6:22:29pm on 9/21/08
Sounds good. :3
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