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You can call me Bee.
ffr, ddr, some anime, music, hanging with people, bf, haunted places, vf, my lizards, and just being random!
Fav Music:
{{The Smashing Pumpkins}},Moi Dix Mois,Malice Mizer, The Rasmus,Cradle of Filth, Lacuna Coil, Evanescence,Bjork,Screw,UnsraW,Quarderangle,The Candy Spooky Theater,Kittie,Jakalope,Fly Leaf,Meg & Dia,Xandia,Jack off Jill,Toy Box, and more
Fav Movies:
Jykell & Hyde, Pan's Labyrinth, SP3, Chucky movies, mostly old scary movies! {{fav shows}} Bleach, Hellsing, Fullmetal Alchemist, Love Hina, Criss Angel "Mind Freak" and more.
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Whoa...Nice writes...
at 5:16:29pm on 11/22/07
lawl tengkoo!
Kayleh-Chan writes...
at 8:42:48pm on 9/22/07
Awe, thanks!^^
The Rozen Maiden writes...
at 6:40:39pm on 8/5/07
opps I meant better**
The Rozen Maiden writes...
at 6:40:22pm on 8/5/07
eh I've had ebtter days :////
The Rozen Maiden writes...
at 4:21:21pm on 8/3/07
lol so how are u today?
The Rozen Maiden writes...
at 4:38:53pm on 8/2/07
hi thnx 4 da vote ^^
haha hey u added me!!!!!!
haha hope u don't mind if i add u too ^^
XxSoul_StealerxX writes...
at 3:16:16pm on 7/30/07
shut writes...
at 2:29:25pm on 7/29/07
ok sorry
mellonxcollie writes...
at 12:41:05pm on 7/28/07
Thank you, same to you! I returned your vote. =)
shut writes...
at 9:21:44pm on 7/27/07
r u emo?
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