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I'm a 14 year old boy that likes to go all out in DDR related games. I definably want a good match against a person.[drives my adrenaline] Rarely do my homework unless i seriously need to do it.My birthday is on January 8.pls celebrate it...I also join this sight 12 days after the year 2007 started
Any kind of good and hard song that is really tough to beat. Video games for the Wii....Can't wait till new smash bros. to come out. Sometimes anime:Naruto, Bleach,Haruhi Suzumiya ETC. Favorite games:smash bros. melee and this game of course
Fav Music:
DJ sharpnel's music. DM ashura's music. Silvia's vertex alpha-gamma songs...even if i cant beat half of them... FAV MUSIC: Shihen by Dj sharpnel
Fav Movies:
Comedy or Action or long as its a good one. Faves so far: Transformers da movie and rush hour 3!!!
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A**hole mario 2!!!!
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Part 2 of the series A**hole Mario is revealed.

A**hole mario stage 1
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