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Posted on: August 20, 2008, at 12:53:17pm   [0 comments]
it was a war against the clock, i thoght "what if some1 else had a faster computer? and would challenge me on a upload duel" but i have the iron mind and uploaded til' my computer was at its topgear! and all this work resulted in 40 new ,maybe not perfect-synched songs..., but playable for most humans ;) so check-check it out as beastie boys say! ;-)
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LauraJ writes at 1:48:13am on 1/4/11
sounds like somebody has a crush~ (:
xfatalityxx writes at 11:40:14am on 8/24/08
xfatalityxx writes at 3:03:01pm on 7/25/08
Muumi writes at 1:50:52pm on 6/27/08
i dont play ffr any more tasted =( cuzi got gh 3 ;D now im playing it but i can maybe are here someday
xfatalityxx writes at 6:55:36pm on 6/23/08
i'm not a guy T^T
but i'm not exactly straight either =/
xfatalityxx writes at 3:45:08pm on 6/22/08
-pokes- T-T i'm a girl...not a guy
Babi33 writes at 2:13:41pm on 6/22/08
*throws pie at you*
xfatalityxx writes at 12:35:43pm on 6/22/08