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I was 11 when I first joined FFR, but hey I'm legal now! I am the definition of weird, but that's not all too bad. I'm just really bad in all kinds of games, but I want to be better someday. I kind of play casually.
♥ Anime + Cosplay ♥ Aquatic animals + Round birbs ♥ Memes for the day keep depression at bay ♥ Seeking for friends to hang out and talk to <: (nothing more) ♥
Fav Music:
♥ Scary Kids Scaring Kids ♥ My Chemical Romance ♥ Lovehatehero ♥ Muse ♥ Daoko ♥ NF ♥ Bonjour Suzuki ♥ Nico nico ♥ East New Sound ♥ Weeb OST music ♥ Nier / Drakengard 3 OST ♥ Final Fantasy 8, 9, 10, 13-2 OST
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What are thoooooooooooooose? jk... I really did enjoy 500 Days of Summer
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evil smoke writes...
at 4:39:37am on 11/25/18
G-Goodness you're welcome! Nepgear is my waifu too ♡
Also thank you :3
nykchs writes...
at 1:12:56pm on 1/13/18
nice to meet you(^^)/
Tarrik writes...
at 8:39:28pm on 1/12/18
How can our dreams be memes if our eyes aren't real?
Tarrik writes...
at 2:01:12am on 1/11/18
"Memes for the day keep depression at bay" They sure do. I hope you're doing okay. Depression is horrible. Keep at FFR, you'll get great some day :)
Karee456 writes...
at 8:49:25pm on 8/6/14
i had to make a new Facebook, send me a link to yours and ill add you :3
Zauriel writes...
at 12:44:30pm on 1/14/13
HHi meowwwww //n and really? O//w//O
Karee456 writes...
at 12:31:11am on 11/17/12
Awe I want too soooo bad but I'm lacking a computer I bought an iPad 3 so I can't really afford it for awhile
Randomer876 writes...
at 4:02:53pm on 8/1/12
Hey... I haven't been on here since 2010 ... It's been so Long D: I forgot Gaia after you quit... I quit as well. So yeah,Even though this will be a message from the Past. How Are you? :)
Karee456 writes...
at 9:33:18pm on 10/30/10
Karee456 writes...
at 9:30:02pm on 10/30/10
no msn :/ facebook?
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