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~ADAM~ You know Yaaaaa wann it! Lol FUN? LOL? ASK ABOUT ME ILL TELL U!? lol:)
Guitar music Beer:) Girls computer uhhh lol boxing,hockey,football andd cant forget about..o shit i forgot.! =) lol
Fav Music:
i pretty much like everything music is awsome and u should appreciate everyons work! yup yup!
Fav Movies:
SUPERBAD! Love it!! "Ill tear ur face off and stick it on mine and buy the alchol myselfF!" "YOU DONT HAVE THE TEKNOLOGIE OR THE STEDY HAND TO PULL OF THT PROCEDURE SO HA!" Lmao love it!
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Familyguy PWNS
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WOOT WOOT Blink 182!!
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squishy013 writes...
at 7:31:28pm on 4/23/09
Nice rank. I'm better. =]
mimibikini writes...
at 8:09:30pm on 2/23/08
lol :)
Psychotik writes...
at 9:16:11pm on 2/15/08
cool profile, check mine
mimibikini writes...
at 3:17:00pm on 2/15/08
montreal! give my a challenge or just play whit me at multiplayers! ok chow! xxx
mimibikini writes...
at 9:38:57pm on 2/8/08
hello! you speak french?? euhh add mee! =.=!
kuteplayette writes...
at 11:32:02pm on 9/8/07
The first one i gave a shot to play was 10, i think it was the characters and story and that they talked that got me, cause i tried 7 and i tried 9, but i just couldn't get into it like 10. I also got 10-2 and i bought 12, but i haven't had time to sit and pay attention to it LOL. And no i haven't played WoW
kuteplayette writes...
at 11:28:35pm on 9/8/07
Not my kind of game, although i am all for the bloody death scenarios.
I am more into RPG games, like FF and Zelda and whatever
kuteplayette writes...
at 11:23:27pm on 9/8/07
Yeah me too, im basically waiting for the tv to be free, so i can play some ps2 for the night, but its 1:23 already and my roommate is still watching that damn space channel haha
kuteplayette writes...
at 11:16:10pm on 9/8/07
Nova Scotia.
MealltachSionnach writes...
at 9:19:13pm on 9/5/07
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