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Page 2 of Chapter 2!
Posted on: September 11, 2008, at 08:25:52am

After I sat there in shock the girl walked out of the house. She was a cute one. She looked very familiar to me. Her hair was down too her shoulders and was layered. It was neon blue with dark blue and black highlights. Her eyes were teal blue and her skin was a caramel color. She was wearing a black band shirt which, to me, looked like a death metal band. Really nice black pants with writing on the either sides. And some knee high boots that have laces and buckles in the front.

“No. She can’t own one! That’s…that’s not right!” I whispered to myself to who I was looking at, “This is a dream. A really bad dream! She is not who owns this little animal!”

But I was wrong. It was my little pixie looking friend, Winter. She owned that little cub. She was its master. And I killed her pet. I killed it out just for my own hunger and for my own filling. How could I be so selfish? How could I do this to my friend? How did I even have the guts to even look at the little thing?

Winter started looking around for Slayer and started to get on her knees and crawl on the ground. She looked so cute, so innocent, and so pure. She was like the girl that anyone could like really. She was nice, outgoing, and really pretty.

After a few moments of her crawling she finally found her cub. Her eyes when purple and her hair grew all the way down to her mid back. The color was a dark purple with neon red highlights. Her skin went pale and her clothes melted on her skin. As if she was wearing a painted body suit. Her hands turned into claws with about 5 inch nails.

She held her pet up to her chest and smiled. She turned towards the tree and looked in my eyes. She started to walk towards the tree and snapped her fingers and the tree was on fire. I jumped out of the tree and looked at Winter. She was smiling at me. Not the way she did this afternoon. No, this was the smile of death.

“Winter. You are half demon aren’t you?” I asked looking at her.
“Yes. You are going to die though. You killed Slayer and Slayer would’ve loved to kill you himself if you didn’t brutally kill him.” She answered holding her hand out so my body comes in front of hers, “You really should have thought twice. You vampires don’t seem to do anything right now can you?

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. She just said the one thing I wouldn’t want her to say. How could she? Was everything she said this afternoon a lie? A lie to make me feel like I belong.

“So all that stuff you said this afternoon. Was that all just a little lie to make me feel happy?” I asked looking at her.

“I have no idea what you are talking about. I never talked to you this afternoon or even ever.” She answered pining me to a tree by the neck and held a sword to my neck.

  1. YEAH!!! LOVIN' IT!! GO WINTER!! XD Can't wait for the next chapter~! =D

  2. lol i will write more of the chapter because i like this chapter kinda very very fun