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FFR Grandtotal Rank:59,832
FFR Grandtotal:158,428,700
FFR Games Played:1,023
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hey hey hey hey hey hey hey...oh you get the point. whats up all? have been busy to get on so ttyls!!!

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Puzzler64 writes at 12:43:51pm on 10/15/11
Thank you :)
d4u7211 writes at 9:30:07pm on 10/6/07
omg yay!! ^_^ aesome nick name i <3 it! thx ^_^
hehe i like being furry boy
d4u7211 writes at 9:14:22pm on 10/6/07
yeah sure ^_^
The Were Wolf writes at 8:35:25pm on 10/6/07
yep n.n
The Were Wolf writes at 8:32:30pm on 10/6/07
I love your avi.
husky pup writes at 12:05:40am on 10/6/07
Your cool and so is your avatar :)
finalblood writes at 10:38:49pm on 10/5/07
Heylo thar Shade :3 nice wulf avi meh likeys :3 :o I gots teh dancing furries on meh profiles omg YAY!! X3 ttly.
Your Fwiend,
Cosmic M writes at 9:57:40pm on 10/5/07
I know who Krystal is, nice pictures! Also i like the one with Lucario and Riolu.
Cosmic M writes at 9:46:39pm on 10/5/07
powerfull writes at 9:38:43pm on 10/5/07
NOASJFAOKSDJ!!@! sorry, Hi nothing much up, just stuff down o.o lol
, Powerfull