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7/21/15: Haven't been on here in years now, my rank is down from 1ksomething to 6k I don't know how to feel.
LoL ign: Xaryne FFR: 1.75x ASKL
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lordie's cool writes at 4:07:16pm on 5/27/17
whts up long time no see
lordie's cool writes at 12:41:44pm on 6/20/16
hit me up when u get back online
badman7772 writes at 1:04:44pm on 7/26/15
Aww. That's what I'm trying to do myself. I like monies!
badman7772 writes at 10:26:31pm on 7/21/15
What'd you do today? :3
badman7772 writes at 10:22:03pm on 7/21/15
Hung out with a couple of friends today. Usually I just manage a couple of threads on the forums. XD
badman7772 writes at 10:16:23pm on 7/21/15
Been alright I suppose. Had a life today. XD
badman7772 writes at 10:11:35pm on 7/21/15
Welp, how're you? XD
badman7772 writes at 9:40:45pm on 7/21/15
It's based on your top 4 scores now. Go look at the leaderboards and click on that thing that looks like a podium. XD
badman7772 writes at 9:22:30pm on 7/21/15
Yeah double digit ranks don't apply for me no mores. :(
badman7772 writes at 9:14:24pm on 7/21/15
FFR Rank thing changed too. It's based on skill not grand total now too.