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Posted on: October 20, 2010, at 10:36:17am

Nuff said.

  1. Lol you tried!

  2. Lol, I stepped this as well. I never intended to break 500 combo, and I probably never will unless I DS.

  3. i would have at least FC'ed this.

  4. lol, samurai's is harder. :P

  5. Lol, some next version of FFR.
    "FFR Extreme - The songs that should never...EVER be released"
    How did RATO get out =P?

  6. This looks like something Dossar would FC

  7. It looks like something Dossar has tried to FC, but hasn't.

  8. whyyyyyy
    "It looks like something Dossar has tried to FC, but hasn't."

  9. WTF that looks hard
    but is it harder that VROFL?

  10. Now AAA it. <3~

  11. what mod was you playing on :P

  12. i wonder if guy who did this had down syndrome because you ocasionally hear random piano smashing...plays nice song...RAHHHH I MESSED UPPPPP*SMASH SMASH SMASH* XD

  13. JEEZUS ;A;

  14. If this is still avalable to play, can you give me the url to get to it because I want to playit.

  15. I would love to see Dossar play this.

  16. LOL holy shit dude, thats insane XD

  17. how did you get those songs that are intensity 15+?

  18. those have got to be THE fastest bursts ive ever seen

  19. that song is 13337!! (Leeet!! creds)

  20. did somebody finally get something harder than Whimper Wall?

  21. y tho

  22. Dear lord this is old lmao

  23. wow this is over 10 years old at this point good lord.
    I would like to see how you would preform on it now in 2020