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If you really want to know about me or what I look like just ask. Like anyone will.
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Posted on: September 2, 2007, at 08:19:49pm   [0 comments]

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Dom_Hock@yahoo!.com writes...
at 12:02:21am on 2/10/11
Hey! I was sending out forwards when I got a reply that you no longer have your rokushadows email.... Just wondering if you have a new one or what :) I'm glad that FFR is back now!
Dom_Hock@yahoo!.com writes...
at 10:57:27pm on 9/9/09
lol yeah i dont come on that often either and my internet has been down so its hard to get a chance to spend all that time fixing it and getting on:/
Dom_Hock@yahoo!.com writes...
at 1:10:33am on 7/21/09
Hey I haven't talked to you in a LONG time! Like Forever! What happened to us talking all the time!? Wow I was in 8th grade when we first started talking and now, well in two months, I'm going to be a junior! Told you it's been a while! yeah I miss talking to you....tell me what's been going on in your life:)
Dom_Hock@yahoo!.com writes...
at 12:38:24am on 4/3/09
Yeah Number One!:D
Dom_Hock@yahoo!.com writes...
at 10:01:36am on 1/8/09
I want to be your number one like I used to be:(
zoogarama writes...
at 9:22:41pm on 4/9/08
o.0 why'd you stop?
zoogarama writes...
at 12:41:42am on 4/2/08
*poketh* Where hath thou been? I haven't heard anything from you since the tourny ended and that was months ago. :(
Dom_Hock@yahoo!.com writes...
at 9:24:23pm on 3/27/08
ADD ME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dei02191 writes...
at 12:56:12pm on 3/22/08
Heyo =P
EAGAMES writes...
at 11:41:04pm on 2/25/08
Hey could I get a vROLF challenge?
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