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an idea for FFR
Posted on: April 6, 2015, at 12:03:29am

We have, what, 2000 songs now? Probably a bit overwhelming for new players, and only the most hardcore completionists will play through everything in their levelrank. Maybe we should reduce the list to, say, 300. The details:
- Players can rate songs (0-10 scale, only on results screen after they play through at least some amount (1/4?) of the song). Have a notice that rating should be applied to the whole thing and not just the music choice.
- Every 2 months or so, automatically "remove" songs, according to player rating. "Remove" just enough to get down to the right number of public songs. Ignore new songs (< a month old?), or songs with very few ratings (<20?), and ignore a players' votes if they are highly correlated with difficulty.
- What do I mean by "remove"? The songs will not be gone from the game, or even prevented from being played. But everyone will have the option, either in game or in their profile: show only high-quality songs, or show ALL songs. Showing all songs is opt-in, so newer players don't have to see it.
- Main levelrank would only show high-quality songs, with a separate page for all songs. More complex skill measures (GOAT) should have no problem dealing with fewer songs.

  1. yes

  2. I've felt like this kind of system was needed a long time ago. I like your implementation too

  3. I actually like this idea. It will then look much cleaner for me when I go AAA files that aren't AAA'd, and that's saying something, considering I just recently hit 1000!!