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20x20x20 rubik's cube solved!
Posted on: October 27, 2011, at 01:27:05pm

71 minutes, world record :) Video is sped up 10 times.

  1. I can imagine how long it would take to solve this beast. I have only solved up to the 7x7x7 since I don't care enough to mess with rubiks cube programs on the computer. *waits for v-cube to release the 11x11x11*

  2. Congrats! :) You need to show me how to solve ridiculous cubes like this one day haha.

  3. This is why you are awesome (:

  4. just watching this made me go *derpy voice* pretty colors

  5. jesus christ

  6. da hell...

  7. lol i've done up to 7x7x7 too @eliteninja. I cant remember how anymore tho lol. what is up with ffr players and rubiks cubes? it seems that you're 100x more likely to be able to solve a rubiks if you play ffr :P

  8. I've done an 111x111x111 btw :p