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jakobsk8 writes...
at 3:40:04pm on 12/22/07
Well, I wasn't really mad about "stronger". The weird thing is that at my middle school, Stronger really gets to everyone, but when I say, "heard of Harder Better Faster Stronger?", they usually relate to Stronger, or go "WTF?". I wish that Daft Punk would spread to the american youth Like how Soulja Boy affected the school dance LOL.
jakobsk8 writes...
at 12:32:01pm on 12/22/07
Yep. Its one of my favorites!
jakobsk8 writes...
at 8:37:45am on 12/22/07
U listen to Alive 2007? it ROCKS!
i love you writes...
at 9:06:38pm on 10/21/07
TK_00Razor00 writes...
at 1:41:05pm on 9/13/07
Key word >SHOULD< I'll think about it. I might since im leaving FFR and I have 200 thousand credits that im giving away
TK_00Razor00 writes...
at 4:52:56pm on 9/11/07
OMG YOU GUESSED IT RIGHT. I should give you 10k credits.
Emo_Babe*Rawr* writes...
at 3:30:30pm on 9/8/07
Nope. Sorry
greekanilater writes...
at 12:10:05pm on 8/19/07
i've been using this name for 8 years so of course i spelled it wrong
adlp writes...
at 12:13:48am on 8/19/07
alright talk to me on aim:

Flt. Ad. Matt writes...
at 8:06:35pm on 8/17/07
I love making videos on Flash (I'm a wonderful at animation). I really don't know ActionScript beyond buttons. Do you know any good resources for learning about ActionScript?
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