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ViperZer0 writes...
at 7:32:46am on 7/20/08
How's my lil bro doin?
Sup man? It's 8:31a.m. WHERE IS YOU!!!
Niggy needs to wake up sooner :P
ibecrazy writes...
at 7:14:07pm on 6/19/08
nuthin mutch here either man
ibecrazy writes...
at 11:32:59pm on 6/10/08
sup man
vampire17 writes...
at 7:47:09pm on 4/21/08
ViperZer0 writes...
at 10:21:00pm on 4/3/08
No clue. Shit's gay as hell.
HCG4Life writes...
at 3:00:29pm on 3/3/08
hey wasup dude
Rezztlynn writes...
at 7:11:03pm on 11/26/07
alexandralouise14 writes...
at 10:43:32am on 7/26/07
wait more than one what
ViperZer0 writes...
at 3:12:19pm on 7/17/07
Not too much bro. What's crackin there?
TD_Acid writes...
at 4:44:06pm on 7/15/07
lol No, tiffany wasn't on. And I'm not Tiffany, nor Melissa. YOUR NAME IS LINDSEY!
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