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Alrighty then...
Posted on: January 26, 2011, at 01:03:42pm

So its become apparent my secondary computer IS NOT adequate for FFR... Who would of guessed running windows vista on 2 gigs of ram might not of been the best of ideas... Just tried CIA rave in FFR >>>Low Res<<< with the >>>quality at lowest<<<, lagged soo bad I actually got twice as many Goods as Perfects...

So until I get my main computer back up and running it looks like I'm limited to weekend play at the internet cafe =(

  1. I know that's kind of late, but if you look up on forums you may find a way to fix that lag on vista. It's not ram related. Take a look here:

  2. Thanks anyways, but it really was the computer at the time. Its REALLY REALLY old, It has trouble running most flash games.