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All about Japan (manga, anime, martial art,... with-out forget the beautiful asian girl ^^). Asian country have all my respect :P . I like play some sport too, like badminton, Tennis and golf, Ya I know that golf is not the most popular sport, but it fun to play with friends sometime during summer ^^
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My favorite music... hummm. I listen a little bit of everything. But for sure Japan music style are in top of my list ^^
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zadeca writes...
at 6:04:24pm on 6/29/08
khmerangel writes...
at 2:07:17pm on 3/2/08
wat a cute avatar
axznangel125 writes...
at 2:44:40pm on 12/7/07
thanks :D and thanks for the pic comment
axznangel125 writes...
at 11:19:58pm on 11/30/07
:O cute avi! xD thumbs up!
Dzerena writes...
at 9:20:51am on 9/20/07
yeah is saw that ^^ lol ^^
Dzerena writes...
at 1:26:29pm on 9/19/07
YEAH hellsing is THe best ^^ aawww your avi is SSSOOOO KAWAII!!!
animechic_365 writes...
at 2:55:04pm on 8/2/07
hi!! i love ur avi ^-^!!
Key Blade Master writes...
at 1:00:28pm on 7/27/07
funny avatar
etnies_girly_cj writes...
at 9:02:00am on 5/25/07
im okay, been better, getting out of high school soon, im pretty excited ... so.. anyway ... have a good weekend?
etnies_girly_cj writes...
at 8:43:57pm on 5/17/07
hey guess what, im alive. LOL.. havent talked to you in a while.. whats up?
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