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Hello, I'm mxlonie. Or Melonie. Or Mel. Or Radi. I have a lot of different names to be called lol. I play rhythm game. This one especially, I like it a lot. Thanks for checking out my profile ^^
cats, osu!, Minecraft (servers), SOUND VOLTEX, women, and Apex Legends.
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Anything you would find in a rhythm game I guess?? One of my favorite artists is TUYU. pls dont judge
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I'm not a movie person :)
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Phynx writes at 1:40:14pm on 7/22/21
Can confirm with Rapta on the congratulations for hitting D3. Keep playin' hard, I'll see you at the D6 range ;)
Rapta writes at 1:35:55pm on 7/22/21
Gratz on becoming D3!
mxlonie writes at 2:26:40am on 7/22/21
finally D3 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa