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Want to be loved cherished, valued, and appreciated. Want to be known, heard, and seen. I love to joke around, am easy going, and playful too! Athletic and musically inclined. Love to sing and dance and laugh. Tall, dark and handsome. Rides a motorcycle, and plays the guitar and piano
volleyball, snowboarding, rollerblading, audition, DDR, FFR, guitar hero, rock band, break dancing, singing, karate, dumplings, music, anime
Fav Music:
jpop, kpop, rap, R&B, hip-hop, classical, BIG BANG, Se7en, DBSK, Sung Si Kyung, MC Mong,Yiruma, anything but metal or country
Fav Movies:
Death Note 1 and 2, Tokyo Drift, movies that are scary, funny or with lots of action
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Super_Junior_11 writes...
at 6:18:18pm on 6/24/08
AsianTillTheDeath!! writes...
at 8:04:08am on 5/18/08
Yuhno is awsome! Death Note All The wayy!!
parafreak writes...
at 1:50:34pm on 3/27/08
wow your pic is so amazing wow uhhhh
so you like vb me too i used to play but i suck
aphotomystery writes...
at 2:11:09pm on 3/26/08
awe cute
aphotomystery writes...
at 11:07:46pm on 3/25/08
yeah :) why?
XxnicolasaxX writes...
at 7:13:18pm on 3/23/08
hes 1 of my friends y?
omgballzors writes...
at 5:01:07pm on 3/21/08
XxnicolasaxX writes...
at 8:00:44pm on 3/18/08
what i write you and u dnt write back until another thats long
omgballzors writes...
at 7:57:25pm on 3/18/08
XxnicolasaxX writes...
at 10:38:01pm on 3/17/08
u like death note?
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