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I'm japanese/filipino. Yes, i speak it & write. Only hiragana & katagana though ._. I know some kanji, not all ^^ || I want to experience everything. Love is a given because it's what everyone wants, so it must be worth something. I want to experience hurt because it will make me stronger & teach me how to get back up from falling. I don't always want to win, but lose because winning won't teach me anything. I want to get lost and lose the direction of the comfortable path because things that remain understandable are boring. I want to fall into grounds of mistake, and stay there until I can clearly see why I was on the ground in the first place. I want all these things that society considers bad because it will show me how to see the good in everything no matter what. Rise against the flow that everyone aimlessly follows.
**I likee.. Korean dramas / Anime / Drawing / Singing&Dancing / Sushi / Spam Musubi / My Sidekick / My camera / Bunnies / Photography / Strawberries / Fruit Smoothies / Cinnamoroll **I dislike.. / Most vegatables / Crust on bread / Windy days / The dark / Being alone (sometimes i want alone though) / Cocky people / Messy areas / Extreme Heat / Commercials / Fakes / Soggy rice / Popups & slow internet / pancakes
Fav Music:
Jpop / Kpop / Jtech / Jrock / Krock / Trance / Alternative / HipHop/R&B / Underground hiphop **Almost everything except country ^^
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I have an obsession with gory and horror movies.. & everything else is fun to watch too ^^ i just hate black & white movies.
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Posted on: November 12, 2008, at 08:05:18pm   [0 comments]

*i hate the obsession >_< (i'm too addictedddd)
finished the series in a week, LOL ^_~

ugh, robert pattinson is so hot x_x

Posted on: July 6, 2008, at 12:40:25am   [3 comments]
wellll.. since ppl kept questioning if i was real or fakeee.
i put proof pictures^_^

& alsooo.. i like making signs for other people^^
so if you want, i'll make one for joo~ :D
& i'll have most fun making them for my friends on here who have treated me so nicely<3

Neee~ SemiNew here ;o
Posted on: June 22, 2008, at 05:35:53pm   [1 comment]
weeelll. i decided to post one of these thingies becos i have nothing better to do & i have to pass the time..

buuut ! I'm sort of new here:D My old account that i used was my cousins account AzNanGeL_20. I wanted a new username so i made this one -_-x buut yeah ! if you go to that one its like over 4 years old LOL.

sooo basicallyyy. i've been around this site for over 4 years. but never really looked around ffr, all i did was play the game LOL. so now i made a profile & stuff and still getting use to it. YAYY. <3

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atlantahooker writes...
at 8:43:46am on 11/23/09
Heeeyyyy, uhhh i added you a long ass time ago and never bothered to say hi, so HI!So dont think i added you just because i thought you were cute. haha
G DAWG 313 writes...
at 5:57:44pm on 7/18/09
what up
tokioxnightlife writes...
at 8:17:39am on 5/11/09
o_o; Hi there :3
tokioxnightlife writes...
at 10:17:37am on 4/30/09
Hiiiiii<# i know its been like, forever since I logged on x.x
Eatingisfun29 writes...
at 9:21:06pm on 4/10/09
hai whats up?
G DAWG 313 writes...
at 2:55:26pm on 3/30/09
thanx for the add!
Cousintony writes...
at 5:11:56pm on 2/9/09
hi, how are you??
tokioxnightlife writes...
at 2:43:00pm on 1/23/09
My my my! HI HI HI XD!!!!
Meangenitals writes...
at 6:17:55pm on 1/5/09
heyyy :D
shpazzeedoo writes...
at 11:27:38am on 12/2/08
como estas
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