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just here to tap on steps and have fun.
music, PC-stuff, sports, and YouTube. i sell skins from CS:GO too occasionally lmao.
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90's Hip-Hop, Jazz, Indie. OutKast is my current group I vibe to baby.
Fav Movies:
not a movie goer tbh, but ones that get me emotional are bangers.
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My Goals Here.
Posted on: November 25, 2020, at 10:11:09pm   [1 comment]
1. One of my main goals here is to farm Grandtotal score :). I may not be the best, but I'm a persistent maniac, and I'll probably just play the same map(s) over and over again lol.

2. Another broad goal is to get as many AAA's as I can. Don't want to be lame and play Excite Bike 1,000 times, but I'll probably resort to something like that lmao.

3. I'd like to get under 2k average rank by the end of the year. It's gonna suck balls playing high 70 songs and up, but fuck it I'll try.

4. Since I mostly play Etterna to improve, I don't personally have any dedicated skill related goals here. My stream and technical skills are great, yet my Jump and Hand streams are trash. I can AAA some 40's and like a handful of 50's, so I'd like to AAA 10 60's by next year.

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