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yo my name is Michael, im 17 and im a pretty chilled person and hardly ever get angry. im also a monster tennis player. i've been playing for 14 years, since i was 3. my best rank was three in the state. oh and BTW im a hater of haters!!!
tennis. weight lifting, FFR, and Halo 3 is probably numero uno. i actually used to be kind of a nerd. i used to be able to solve the rubik's cube in under a minute, recite the number pi to over 250 digits from memory and i have a 109 lb rubber band ball. its 100% rubber bands with no ball in the center or anything. right now though its halo 3 and FFR FTW
Fav Music:
mostly rock and some rap. FFR songs. jazz is aight too.
Fav Movies:
Dumb and Dumber has been my favorite movie for years until Dark Knight took the # 1 spot. other movies that i really like are the 40 year old virgin, men in black, step brothers, and blades of glory are among my favorites.
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#23 writes at 9:23:32pm on 2/7/11
hell yes with the dark knight thing. that movie is beyond raw. btw hows that tennis comin? we havent talked in god knows how long
jshane writes at 4:18:39pm on 12/7/09
hey hot stuff
Adamaja456 writes at 11:21:43pm on 5/27/09
thanks for being my 800th profile vote!
Ashlay XOX writes at 9:42:48pm on 4/16/09

Thanks for the vote! ♥
justdoit9233 writes at 10:48:38pm on 4/15/09
Thanks for the vote, man!
I love playing tennis too, but man, I want to be good like you...
musicdemon writes at 8:46:42pm on 3/19/09
Thanks for the vote! Your background is pretty chill :)
Triple C writes at 4:49:06pm on 9/17/08
ha thanks.
legalos1026 writes at 11:34:47pm on 8/21/08
yo what happend?
legalos1026 writes at 7:12:44pm on 8/21/08
bad vote? i dident vote on ur profile lol and i cant do derlium on this computer laggs like hell
legalos1026 writes at 9:43:56am on 7/28/08
yeah im useing 1.75 speed and its way better for me.and plus im getting mad combos too because of it.and i dont mosh anymore its great!