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vamp007love writes...
at 1:20:30pm on 10/11/08
I added you to AIM. sorry bout my disappearence there XD
spirit893 writes...
at 7:59:01pm on 7/22/08
thats ok bye!!
spirit893 writes...
at 7:52:39pm on 7/22/08
me 2 i still need to talk to megs. i would send her a message here but she doesnt go on.
spirit893 writes...
at 7:26:54pm on 7/22/08
umm hang on a minute i want to do that thing... then we can talk.
spirit893 writes...
at 5:25:57pm on 7/19/08
hey im off grounding tomorrow. want to hang out monday? if your not busy of course. um if you see this tonight then call me tomorrow...
spirit893 writes...
at 2:10:41pm on 7/16/08
hey whats up? guess what im grounded!! lol i got grounded for scrying how retarted is that?
AY OH SNAP writes...
at 5:38:36pm on 7/12/08
Yes in fact i am very happy you replied after what a MONTH!!!! nice going you dumbass! kidding LOVE YOU BRIT!!!! just to let you know im totally exausted from last night. next time pull the mountain dew bottle away from me cause thats what kept me up. I slept for the past 2 hours and i still am dead. blahhh your a loser. but that is why i love you haha. talk to you laterrrrrrrr or tomarrow or the next day. well idk sometimes this week. byebye.
pwned22 writes...
at 4:53:31pm on 6/6/08
heyy britt! its megan...from kaput's class =P
AY OH SNAP writes...
at 10:48:00am on 6/4/08
BRITTANY!!!! its erin and im in english and im really really bored right now! HAHA I FOUND YOU!!! LOVE YOU!
Synthlight writes...
at 6:32:12pm on 4/25/06
First person to post on your wall.