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my names Mankwan, I'm a high school graduate from Queensbury High School. Just recently I've been thinking a lot, about myself and the choices I've made and the person that I am. There are things I like about myself and things I'm proud I've done but these are little compared to the dislike, the disappointment. I'd like to say I'll change to, make myself a better person but I won't. I am who I am now, for better and worse. One revelation I've had just recently about myself I find rather amusing and really shouldn't. I've come to realize I have commit issues and I honestly can not fathom why. This is a problem that I am going to have to overcome, but not right now. I find that I'm quite the loner. At the moment I can attest to having only one proper friend. I get along with people easy enough and I do actually know a lot of people, I have a lot of "acquaintances" so to speak. I find that I am a very judgmental person. I'm also a hypocrite, not a huge one to be fair but a hypocrite none the less. Does this be little your opinion of me? If I were to read this on someone else's profile I would probably agree that it would but there I go again, being a hypocrite. "Don't judge a book by its cover". It's a nice thought that such a saying would actually be taken seriously in the world but the sad fact is it won't. You could say it all you want, repeat it the world over if you could but it still wouldn't stop the people of this judgmental generation judging you by what's on the outside and dismissing you in the blink of an eye the moment they don't see something they innately like. I'm most likely going to reply to what ever comment you decide to leave me in all honesty. At the moment I find I reply to about 1 in 10 comments because all i ever seem to get is the same thing over and over. I'd say that just honestly just goes to show what a "sheep" culture there is now days and how unoriginal everyone actually is. Now don't just assume by what I put here that I believe myself
mu iPhone, cars, girls just about anything
Fav Music:
AFI, Alice in Videoland, Aiden, Arch Enemey,Between the Trees, Blink 182, Bubblegum Octopus, Chevelle, Chiodos, Cobra Starship, Cute is what we aim for,Dope, Driving East, Fall Out Boy,Flyleaf, From First to Last, Good Charlotte, Gorillaz,Hawthorne Heights, Hellogoodbye, Ima Robot, Jimmy Eat World, Kiss, Kittie, Korn, Lostprophets, Matchbook Romance, Mayday Parade, My Chemical Romance, New Young Pony Club, Paramore, Plain White T's, Queen, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Rise Against,Rookie of the Year, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Shiny Toy Guns, Slipknot, Sublime, System of a Down, Taking Back Sunday,The Academy is...,The Bravery,The Fall of Troy, The Medic Droid,The Starting line, The Used, Three Days Grace, Thrice, Yellowcard, Lynard Skynard. The Used, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack Johnson, The bright Light Motion, Secret Secret Dino Club, Mayday Parade
Fav Movies:
Jackass 1 n 2, LOTR 1 2 and 3, Clerks, Family Guy the Untold Story, The Holy Grail, 5 people u meet in heaven, American Gangster, 8 Crazy Nights, Ice Age, The Simpson movie, Super bad, Anger management, the longest yard, Transformers, Troy, kingdom under heaven, South Park bigger longer and uncut, The Godfathers, Dukes of Hazard. X-men3, Collateral, The Night Before Christmas, Initial D, Stealing Harvard,
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eks-wun.KiMBERLEY.LE writes...
at 9:51:31pm on 6/5/09
no prob . :]
& not enough , HBY ?
nataliecherie writes...
at 2:51:19pm on 5/18/09
hi (: i never get on this, but i noticed you added me as a friend so hello new friend! add my myspace if you wanna talk more.
lama says obey! writes...
at 6:30:03pm on 1/5/09
hey whats up havent talked in a while
UnSaVeD_aNgEl writes...
at 2:53:59am on 9/14/08
UnSaVeD_aNgEl writes...
at 10:30:36pm on 7/9/08
do you have IM?
UnSaVeD_aNgEl writes...
at 10:27:58pm on 7/9/08
im incredibly bored and i feel sick
UnSaVeD_aNgEl writes...
at 7:15:12pm on 7/9/08
oh.i see
my boyfriends an elite supporter on here.
Corina Rain writes...
at 12:15:39am on 7/9/08
About the same.
UnSaVeD_aNgEl writes...
at 5:13:30pm on 7/6/08
im good.
just bored.
been playing ffr lots latley.
im getting better.
and yay hug!
UnSaVeD_aNgEl writes...
at 4:05:14pm on 7/4/08
heyy!! long time no talk.
how are you??
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