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I am bonnie.I am single.But i like this one person a whole lot.i am pretty much a metal best friends are tim and seamus and they are my rocks.thats all
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Sometimes I come on here to....
Posted on: October 11, 2009, at 09:15:41am   [0 comments]
Give you a taste of Unsaved's Thoughts.Sometimes tey are quite painful to read and sometimes they hurt people.Well lets begin anew entrance shall we?

Well I was awake until 5.I texted this guy I may have developed a small crush on for awhile and If I do say so myself,It went smoothly.
I have noticed an increase in my jealousy rate.It has spiked more and more each day as I watch what used to be and I only utter a few words to who he used to be.And what doesnt pass my lips is what I really think.So much pain it has caused but Maybe this is for the greater good.For once in my life things seem ok.Sometimes.
I still have the hardest time making my temper float into and abyss of nothingness.How disgustingly atrocious.It seems like the trigger that pushes me to my limit is that person I shall not speak of for I have made it clear he is a ghost.A lonely ghost of m past that haunts me everyday ad makes me realize just how much life can hand you shit.
I have changed so much over the course of these almost 2 years and nothing can stop me anymore.Not him,Not her,not anything.I am just about as done with that part of my life as a dog will give up its food.and yes that is a thing for I am not ready and I never will be but I can't dwell.
I am done writing.

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Panic4Me writes...
at 7:51:05pm on 10/29/19
Randomly decided to log in after months.... lol. I miss you too! How have you been?
Panic4Me writes...
at 3:52:54pm on 12/15/10
BONNIEEE <3 i luff yew tew
Panic4Me writes...
at 11:14:53pm on 10/15/10
Yay!!! Hiiiii Bonzai <3
FallenXxRaven writes...
at 5:01:15pm on 8/1/09
You're absolutely right. I should die. Im not saying this to try to guilt trip you or any bullshit like that. Because everything youre saying is true, and I know it. But it doesn't fucking change. I'm just going to leave you alone. I'm not gonna talk to you or myspace you or any of that. Im just gonna end up fucking up again, and youre going to be the one that gets hurt.
Unless you can think of a better way for me to stop hurting you, bye.
Meloncholia writes...
at 9:35:37am on 8/1/09
Just because I'm his apparent best friend, doesn't mean I hate you.
Meloncholia writes...
at 12:57:12pm on 7/31/09
You are being a little immature. Do you have any proof at all that I am playing the 'hate Bonnie' game as you accused me of?
Stantonphl writes...
at 7:49:20pm on 6/15/09
wily's castle in megaman 3 is hard T-T
Stantonphl writes...
at 7:36:17pm on 6/15/09
I kinda got that ^-^
Stantonphl writes...
at 7:29:23pm on 6/15/09
I'm good ^-^ You?
FallenXxRaven writes...
at 2:16:17pm on 3/27/09
Get the fuck off the interwebz.
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