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i lovee talkingg and goingg places.. i expectiallyy lovee to dance which means i lovee to partyy. i dont get boredd easilyy but when i do i hate it so be interrestingg :] im a veryy nicee girl when your a kool kid and dont get on my nerves. I hate feet there just sick and gross i also hate cotton balls gives me shivers XD weird but truee. my fav. colors are blue and yelloww. my fav. animal is an elephant okayy there just amazingg. i am 15 my birthdayy is may 15th :] i cant wait to drivee and i wish we could save more animals and stop war and have peacee :] i like all kinds of music but mostly happy ones like hip hop and rap but dont get me wrong i do like metal and rock :] i have a bf and i luhhh him <3 i tryy to be on heree as muchh as i can but sometimees i to busyy. i can be a bitch sometimes and im sorry if i am :] i have a myspace msn and aim so tlk to me and get it and tlk to me theree :Di lovee meetingg new peoplee its funn :] and i love the beach and swimmingg. i go to fleet-wood highh <--- annoyingg school :p but my dad wont let me be cyber schooled. im not fat, and that isnt my normal color i dyed it and i plan on maybee dyingg it backk :] i havee the greatest best friendd haa we arre always laughingg :D and we spend alot of timee chilling and goingg places. and i have alot of great friendds.i like scary movies just the thrill is amazingg.. i like readingg mysteryy books :] but im not a book worm. well i kinda coulld go on and on soo just writee me :D
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DrugstoreCowboy writes...
at 6:41:12am on 7/11/11
It's been awhile since we talked. I just went through my friends list and saw you :]! I started another rhythm game site -- You should come check it out :]
sonic_redeemer writes...
at 2:00:56pm on 9/7/09
lol dont sweat it so wats up?
sonic_redeemer writes...
at 9:28:50pm on 9/6/09
hiya! *kisses ur cheek* awww cute cheeks
sonic_redeemer writes...
at 1:59:30am on 8/22/09
he sexi whats up?
sunny540 writes...
at 2:22:45am on 8/19/09
im 17(: in college now:P
cooke71892 writes...
at 5:33:57pm on 8/16/09
hello random girl
sunny540 writes...
at 5:56:22pm on 8/13/09
oh wait ur 19 my
u in college?
sunny540 writes...
at 5:55:55pm on 8/13/09
College soon.
wat grade u in?
melodyz writes...
at 5:34:55pm on 8/12/09
thanx <3
melodyz writes...
at 5:39:58pm on 8/7/09
ur pretii
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