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Currently I am a college student going in for being a Printing Press Operator in the Graphic Arts Department. I am also Admin. for the anime site Otakuniverse in which I am working together with a good friend of mine. Plus as of now, I am working on creating a new anime site in hopes to make it public before Aug 1st. Basically I am kind and caring person. I care a great deal about my family and friends and would do anything to help them out.
Listening to music, watching anime, and reading a good book.
Fav Music:
I like all kinds of music mostly, though don't really like having to listen too rap.
Fav Movies:
Death Note movies 1 & 2, The Dark Knight, Office Space.
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E-Nomine ~ Black Sun
Posted on: October 16, 2011, at 10:42:35pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: October 16, 2011, at 10:03:12pm   [0 comments]

I would like to see this band live sometime! :P

Don't blame me...<Blame Brad Rice!>
Posted on: January 5, 2011, at 11:57:31am   [6 comments]

A bit disturbing but somehow can't stop watching! =/

*Note* This was found on some other site by Brad Rice! Song kind of gets stuck in your head. LoL

Posted on: January 2, 2011, at 12:50:19pm   [0 comments]
I am just getting over a really bad flu/cold that had me sick for a good 3-4 days. Lucky for me, I was going to head over to a hospital today but ended up feeling somewhat better after finally being able to eat and drink something for the first time today in over 3 days! So it is taking me sometime in getting my strength back but will come back online once I am fully better!

Team Power Chant
Posted on: December 21, 2010, at 11:37:16am   [0 comments]

Comment wall
FrozenSpirits writes...
at 4:42:03pm on 4/8/13
Hey hi!! :) I thought you were gone xD It's great that you found a job I'm happy for you :D what do you do at this job? It's ok if you just go online once in a while, I do the same :P. As for me, many things happend like now I have a cat, I have a driver lisence I quitted my job and last week I returned to the same place xD I'm still with my girlfriend, it's been 11 mouth now ( Soon 1 year :P but honestly I dont know what to do to our anniversary :/ ). My formation to be a lineman had a probleme and it's been reported to next year but I'm going to try to be accepted in Gaspesie which is quite far from where I live :/ My girlfriend and me started Game of thrones a while ago and now we are watching an episode tonight its the 2nd episode of the 3rd season. This serie is awesome, I'm sure you would like it :)
I hope you will have a great day and take care of you :)
holynaruto writes...
at 12:23:26am on 4/8/13
holynaruto writes...
at 1:21:38am on 4/6/13
The videos were cool XD
FrozenSpirits writes...
at 10:49:10am on 11/27/12
Oh long time no see right? First, thanks for taking news from me :). I've been doing great since then, I had a full time job during summer and some of the autumn. I was preducing ham :P I alone on a big machine and I had to lean how it work and how to mount and unmount it. I have a girlfirend since almost 7 months. I do not play ffr anymore but rather I play stepmania. What about you? How are you and whats new?
jz1007 writes...
at 3:22:29pm on 11/23/12
omg clan nad im a f4n
inuyasha131 writes...
at 8:19:56pm on 12/25/11
Merry Christmas!
inuyasha131 writes...
at 12:12:50pm on 11/24/11
Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your enjoying your turkey and other food items! =)
FrozenSpirits writes...
at 10:51:49pm on 10/16/11
Have you ever had an operation? Well good luck on maybe being a nurse :P Well Good night :)
FrozenSpirits writes...
at 10:27:10pm on 10/16/11
Oh ok im currently watching the first episode :P
Hmmm do you need qualification to work in a hospital? So you want to work in a hospital for career? Oh god I dislike the atmosphere in hospitals o.o I never broke anything and I hope I won't anytime soon but last time I went there it was for an opperation in my mouth and I had difficulties eating for many days D:. Even worst there is chances I go again for the same thing because the job was not completed.
FrozenSpirits writes...
at 9:59:02pm on 10/16/11
I will start by watching Speed Grapher soon :). Sure let's play some multiplayer one day. I haven't played much latetly so I have to practice to have the same scores as before :P Hmmm could you explain em what is Health Career Fair?? Sorry I don't know what it is :S
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