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Hi Im a kid lol from chile :D and Idk if Im good but my pc is bad so if you play a song vs me try to dont got so many yellow arrows :S bye
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bittersweat apocalyptica feat Lauri Ylonen
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Silent Hill
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Naxo_1313 writes at 12:59:36pm on 12/10/09
kevinsito96 writes at 2:13:09pm on 11/28/08
wtf is what I put?that long thing
kevinsito96 writes at 7:41:40pm on 10/15/08
ow I play stepmania :P
kevinsito96 writes at 7:41:23pm on 10/15/08
whats sm?
lumphoboextreme writes at 2:17:41pm on 10/15/08
play sm, talk to people
kevinsito96 writes at 12:31:06pm on 7/14/08
kevinsito96 writes at 12:30:53pm on 7/14/08
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Bbturtle writes at 4:17:08pm on 5/2/08
thx for the thumbs up dude
TaloTecno writes at 11:50:09pm on 4/22/08
saludos aca de un chileno mas en este juego
kevinsito96 writes at 12:16:57pm on 3/23/08
wena martin XD