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Posted on: June 3, 2021, at 06:58:42am

Hi give me strangeprogram v0 thanks

Almost every chart is good, but for the charts I really liked in particular I put a "👍" mark.

== Round 1 ==
Elif and the Night of Twilight -Called- (BF) 👍

Wait there are at least 5 D7 players in D6? v0 now looks quite difficult lol

Preview: Looks fun! Ending jacks look tricky but it should be AAA-able in a few attempts (I don't really grind AAAs though).

Play: BF on First try (except two attempts where I got a good from the white notes near the beginning). AAA'd the ending jack but left a good somewhere after that. Good song and good chart.

D1 ASGORE (AAA) Determination
D2 Blue Haven (AAA)
D3 Roundtable Rival (AAA) 👍
D4 Debut (AAA) I remember having trouble with the ★3 chart when I played insane BMS
D7 Angelic Jelly (12-0-0-0) 3-jack at this bpm lol. But wow, this is actually a pretty good score
D8 Exam Cram [Oni] (96-1-8-2) bruh

== Round 2 ==
life flashes before weeb eyes (BF) 👍

Preview: Wow it's spicier for R2 than I expected. Looks cool though.

Play: 0-1-1-1 on first try, and now BF. It was the lag :( but BF should be 100% safe, and AAA is definitely possible too since I can consistently AAA the first half. And every chart in this round is so good!!

D1 Reminisce (AAA)
D2 Riptide (AAA) People thought D2 R1 would be "AAA or die" but it was actually "play or die" and now it's just "live"
D3 Unshakable (AAA) 👍 Unshakable
D4 Forever (BF) 4ever
D5 Gym Leader Battle Music [Hi Tech Remix] (AAA) J A C K
D7 Nisemono (17-0-1-2) 👍 D7 is quite spicy already! Got FC but PB is not FC
D8 The Bird's Snapshot Lifespan (34-2-3-3) Yep, this is much closer to my skillset than Exam Cram
D5-D8 diff prediction: 76, 86, 96, 100
Favorite: Unshakable

== Round 3 ==
BarGain (6-0-0-0)

Preview: Hmmmmmm that's some Punkture-speed jack right there...

Play: 12-0-2-0 on first try, now 6g. Weird chart but ok. I can go for 3g, though I hope 6g is safe... People are talking about the jack part but I think the trill part is also difficult to get right. But yeah, the jack is 🤔

Update: No I don't want to grind this. 6g is safe right??

Update: It's Sunday and my 6g is still at 4th place. If this somehow gets below the cutoff I'll play TGWP full version on 0.1x rate

Post-round Update: And it stayed exactly at 4th place until the end of the round lmao

D1 Mercy (AAA)
D2 No Fear Anymore (BF) Trill time
D3 Materialize Anything (AAA) 👍 Wow that's my chart
D4 Ordine (AAA) 👍 First orangentle chart since 2014!
D5 Traveler ~Stand Aloof~ [Heavy] (BF) 👍
D7 Nageki no mori (Breakcore Remix) (8-0-0-3) 👍 This chart is absolutely my skillset thank you very much
D8 Zen'on (39-1-5-6) no
D5-D8 diff prediction: 79, 90, 94, 102
Favorite: Materialize Anything (it's my chart but anyway...)
Shoutout to Propane, a bonus chart. If I include the bonus files, Propane would be my favorite chart in the whole tournament.

== Round 4 ==
Flashbacklog (1-0-1-1) 👍

Preview: My chart 3 divisions in a row??? This is a crazy round for me. And Flashbacklog looks really fun. And SDG-able.

Play: This is my favorite D6 chart so far! Definitely planning to play a few more times to improve to maybe around 2 goods. No idea what the cutoff would be though.

Update: And then I kept getting like 7g. But I survived with 1-0-1-1 anyway.

D1 Riddle (AAA) 👍 Wow that's my chart
D2 Starlazer (AAA) Wow that's also my chart (should be Star Lazer but anyway)
D3 Enharmonix (AAA) 👍 Wow that's also also my chart
D4 It's All Over (1-0-1-0) This is nasty to AAA lol
D5 Lucid Bass II (BF) 👍
D7 Japan Style Breakcore!!! 2 (36-1-0-9) Ok somehow I got the token
D8 Brute Force (199-5-65-15) 👍 D8 charts started to get into the impossible zone, but this one actually does look fun
D4-D8 diff prediction: 72, 83, 91, 97, 104
Favorite: Flashbacklog

== Round 5 ==
Catalinesie (3-0-0-0)



Fast JS is basically a free pattern for me (see ephemera) but this chart also has a fast jumptrill which is kinda scary (see Doppelganger). But I got 3g on the first day which is much earlier than I expected lol

Post-round Update: I got 0.13% skill boost.

D1 Out of Sight, Out of Mind (AAA) 👍
D2 Motivation (AAA)
D3 Mirrorball Airride 2012 (AAA) 👍
D4 Leviathan (BF)
D5 Tuberculosis (2-0-0-0) 👍 Should be AAAable, hit a whole jump late
D7 Upshift (16-0-2-4) 👍 Tightest cutoff I've ever seen omg
D8 Critical Error (99-13-19-20) We have 4 Algorithm songs and all of them are 100+ lol
D4-D8 diff prediction: 74, 86, 93, 96, 103
Favorite: Upshift

== Round 6 ==
Bust it out (3-0-0-1)

Preview: These bursts remind me of Stinger... which is one of my top 15 plays! I might survive even this round if I get lucky!

...That's what I thought until I saw the big burst wall.

Play: And I was wrong about being able to survive even without the wall. Why is everyone so good at this chart?? Unless I master the wall AND the rest of the chart, I'll be eliminated this round because I predict the cutoff to be less than 3g. The chart is great though.

Update: Ok now I got 3.2g but it's probably still not safe. AAAing the wall is not gonna happen but at least I can aim for AAAing everything else. As of this update, the cutoff is 3.4g.

Update: The cutoff was exactly 3.2g!! Let's goooooo

D1 Bubble Beam (AAA) Maybe too harsh for D1s hmm
D2 Sea Breeze (AAA) 👍 A new stepartist!
D3 Boss - Marian II (AAA) The flams were scary lol
D4 Party Starter (AAA) 👍
D5 Daraku no Sono (4-0-0-1) Now I ran out of files! And good luck to D5 players, it seems to be a very cruel round...
D7 Shindeiru (19-1-4-10) Nani?!
TB Break the Silence (41-3-1-9) 👍 It was almost FC nooooooo
D8 Off Set Packed (100-4-8-9) 5 minutes lmao. Most of them are readable, but I obviously can't hit them perfectly
D4-D8 diff prediction: 76, 91, 93, 99 (TB 101), 105
Favorite: Sea Breeze

== Round 7 ==
Rengoku-Purgatorium- v2 (37-1-4-5) 👍

Preview: Wow that's a big step up from round 6... Though I think I'm gonna prefer this chart over v1 because it looks more balanced.

Play: Oh gosh oh no

Update: I actually do like this chart but I have to shave off 13 raw goods (and possibly more!) in order to survive which is not gonna happen!!

D1 Alive (AAA)
D2 Luv 5 Dancer (AAA) 👍
D3 Dolphin Island (BF)
D4 Escape (5-0-0-0) A non-VS song by ositz??
D5 Masodik Galamb (2-0-0-1) 👍 Nice pause and ending lol
D7 Adcar (81-2-8-9)
D8 Hello (BPM) 2021 (688-37-139-38) No.
D4-D8 diff prediction: 85, 88, 100, 103, 110
Favorite: Luv 5 Dancer

== Round 8 ===

D1 Synth Synth Synth (AAA) 👍
D2 Odyssey (AAA) 👍
D3 Creature of Habit (BF) 👍
D4 Dimension Wanderer (2-0-0-0)
D5 Paradoxical time leap trial (6-0-1-1)
D6 You Show (21-0-3-1) 👍
D7 The Ever Increasing Death Toll () token not unlocked yet
D8 LWVIIX (365-5-116-6)
D1-D8 diff prediction: 62, 66, 73, 87, 93, 99, ?, 112
Favorite: Odyssey

== Favorite chart per division ==
D1 Synth Synth Synth
D2 Odyssey
D3 Materialize Anything
D4 Party Starter
D6 Flashbacklog
D7 Upshift
D8 Brute Force

Favorite chart all time: Flashbacklog

  1. This was a fun read. Hope you can turn that oh no into an oh yes by the end of the week, gl