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Lol at people still playing this
Posted on: April 28, 2009, at 12:22:36am   [0 comments]
I assume that if you actually play FFR is because you are pretty good at the game.. don't waste time and invest your time on a real instrument. If you are just on because of friends and chatting and such...that's cool.

Kudos for those who gets angry over this game.
Posted on: May 30, 2007, at 05:17:33am   [0 comments]

That's right. I can't AAA shit.
Posted on: May 17, 2007, at 06:51:19pm   [0 comments]

Ask yourself this... Is it really worth it?
Posted on: January 8, 2007, at 03:17:38am   [0 comments]

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l u l l a b y writes...
at 3:01:12am on 8/19/08
rose still plays. i think ap19 plays on middays account.
l u l l a b y writes...
at 2:41:32am on 8/19/08
haha of course i remembers you. whered ya go?
ap19 writes...
at 9:15:29pm on 8/31/07
u havnt played for a while
purelife writes...
at 12:33:39pm on 8/1/07
I voted you thumbs up!
********Vote**** *******
********Me****** *******
********Thumbs** *******
********Up****** *******
asteelpenis writes...
at 11:18:36pm on 7/9/07
ur awsome!
deadpony writes...
at 5:17:08pm on 7/8/07
deadpony writes...
at 5:07:58pm on 7/8/07
hey man how the hell did you get hellbeat v2?
l u l l a b y writes...
at 9:34:30pm on 6/26/07
fine. cookie it is.

i see you're working on that destiny token. get any close? that one's impossible. for me, that is
l u l l a b y writes...
at 4:47:09pm on 6/24/07
a trip to canadia, all expenses paid. or maybe japan. since i'm so nice, i'll let you pick
l u l l a b y writes...
at 12:39:41am on 6/23/07
wha? i thought it'd be something else. i win! what be my prize?
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