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Posted on: January 1, 2019, at 07:01:50pm   [1 comment]
d1 is 1-25
d2 is 26-49
d3 is 50-58
d4 is 59-68
d5 is 69-82
d6 is 83-94
d7 is 95+

d3 has the shortest range of level before getting to the next division, that's pretty insane!
shooting for d3 at the moment, and d4 is right around the corner!
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Right Hand writes at 8:27:59am on 1/18/19
I wanna play One Hand with you :$
LOVESTOSPLOOGE452 writes at 1:58:04am on 1/9/19
Damn icy, you cold.❤
FirstMaple8 writes at 7:31:39am on 12/23/18
Dingles., that's actually a trap.
Dinglesberry writes at 6:13:51am on 12/23/18
woh is that a picture of you, dang ur really cute *.* we should hang out sometime i'll make you a nice meal, dont worry im not like other guys if anything I'll be the one in the kitchen hahaha
Rapta writes at 8:42:46pm on 12/21/18
D2 get!
GhostieGoBoo writes at 8:33:03pm on 12/21/18
And so a new one hand FFR legend was born.
icyworld1hand writes at 9:38:56pm on 12/20/18
Sorry for making another account, i'm really committed to playing 1 hand only on this one though! Wish me luck!