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My name is Katie, I am 16 years old....Hmmm...I love anime (if I didn't have friends, anime would be my life). I can be an interesting person if you get to know me, for instance I am an Empath, meaning I read peoples emotions and sometimes take those emotions on, it's cool though sometimes it gets in the way, like when my friend was really sad during one of her classes and I started crying in the middle of 5th period science XD lawls. Something else different, I am bisexual~<3 luv.
Anime, music, myspace, drawing, painting, singing, guitar hero, obviously FFR XD
Fav Music:
Classical, rock, metal, screamo, death metal, alternative, country, new age, J-rock, J-pop.
Fav Movies:
Artificial Inteligence, Bicentennial Man, Labyrinth, The Princess Bride, I am Legend, Enchanted, The Matrix (1,2, and 3).
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The real meaning of Politics.
Posted on: April 14, 2008, at 12:08:16am   [0 comments]
The Real Meaning of Politics.

"Poli" meaning meaning "many"
"Tics" meaning little blood sucking creatures.

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