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Lots of things. Piano, tennis, after school stuffs (list is too long)... and FFR of course.
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Anything but country.
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xxtakeshixx09 writes...
at 12:52:08pm on 7/17/11
Hahahaha man, it's been YEARS.
'Course I do, I never thought I'd see too many people again, I've just been checking into FFR once in awhile to see what's up.
Yeah, I finished Code Geass. Became my favorite series for a very, very long time xD
How've you been?
Easier to reach me on my msn, btw.
furioso6660 writes...
at 11:45:01pm on 1/23/09
hola amigo
xxtakeshixx09 writes...
at 10:43:52pm on 12/11/08
Hey. We need to play/talk again. I'm getting really bored. Pop by and drop me a comment or find me in mp.
I'm finally onto R2 for Code Geass...*sigh* It's about time.
Question: Do you belong to a clan or team on FFR?
Eddie the munster writes...
at 4:50:57pm on 12/7/08
we should team up; screw our team mates and take the credits, if there is any credits for the beginner division i wouldn't be suprised if they wasn't any.
Eddie the munster writes...
at 12:05:39pm on 12/7/08
whos winning in ironmans tourney?
AC1speakerbox writes...
at 11:57:46pm on 11/29/08
Sorry I had to boot you out right there.
Better luck next time.
Noisy has his tourney starting tomorrow and I hope to see you in it! :D
ScaryArrows.. writes...
at 11:53:09am on 11/20/08
I was just about to post my Score for my division for the tourney and I noticed your image isn`t showing so I figured I would let you know in case of anything O.o
nois-or-e writes...
at 12:12:24am on 11/8/08
Hey are you going in EAG's tourney? he's having a mash one a score one and a partners one. You in?
nois-or-e writes...
at 2:24:54am on 11/5/08
i'm hoping so, lol
i've been slowly chipping away at my av rank atm so i'm glad they put me in beginner. I am sooo far off getting anything near the otaku heavy unlock.. =P
nois-or-e writes...
at 11:47:24pm on 11/4/08
partners with you sounds ace =)
I'll post it up if you want
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