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- Blitz Hi19Hi19 Division Winner
Random Thoughts
First real tier point whoo
Posted on: August 17, 2019, at 07:08:11pm   [0 comments]

Veteran after 11 years
Posted on: February 4, 2019, at 09:27:01pm   [0 comments]
Was worried I'd mess up and not AAA excite bike. Worked out.

First VC FC
Posted on: August 8, 2012, at 05:34:37pm   [0 comments]

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kainivy writes...
at 8:15:34pm on 10/11/19
Thanks for the upvote :)
Oberon47 writes...
at 7:02:27pm on 9/30/19
well, you got the ramen reward, good job!
Oberon47 writes...
at 7:33:49pm on 6/1/19
Creeping up on first place in the blitz tournament, good luck!
Happeh writes...
at 9:37:46pm on 2/4/19
gj on 3bil GT!!!
jarsh writes...
at 5:16:57pm on 7/16/12
Epic hypercube avatar.
kebbie writes...
at 1:58:06pm on 8/12/08
how? OMG YOU STOLE MY TOKENS!! AHH NOT COOL! how did you do that? and how do you get a token? i don't know what i did but i got some.
kebbie writes...
at 11:03:20am on 8/11/08
i think i hve more tolkens than you =P
doiganpryde writes...
at 10:23:02am on 1/20/08
hi lev! dis is ur insanity buddy here =D
Synthlight writes...
at 7:40:11am on 1/18/08
First person to post on your wall.