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My name is Xavier De La Cruz. Im from Houston Texas and I am 18 years old. I am goin to be a Marine and I leave June 15 for bootcamp this year. If you want to add me on Myspace then copy this so i could get to know you: dnt be afraid to add me or talk to me ;)
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scarred spoof
Posted on: August 7, 2008, at 01:35:41pm   [0 comments]

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xx_tigga writes...
at 7:25:28pm on 7/6/11
Hello. =) What have you been up to?
xx_tigga writes...
at 2:33:59am on 10/28/10
Sorry. =|
I don't carry my phone a lot. I only check it like every 5 hours or something. I told you, you should get a twitter. Me on there all the time. ALL THE TIME!!!
I don't get on FFR a lot cause I have classes and homework. =(
xx_tigga writes...
at 4:05:53am on 10/26/10
Why you no answer my txt messange?!?!?!
I can't sleep at night.
I can't remember the last time I slept throughout an entire night. =( I think it's been like 5 months. Lol
I sleep in the afternoons now.
It's weird.
Anyways it's almost 4:30AM and I need to finish my homework. =\
xx_tigga writes...
at 9:18:57pm on 10/22/10
Oh wait. I don't use AIM. Lol.
I meant windows live.
xx_tigga writes...
at 9:17:21pm on 10/22/10
Yea, you have to have a twitter to follow me. =\
I'll check my phone right now. I just have to find it. Lol. I have no idea where I left it.
My AIM is = cisca12592
I'll log in right now.
xx_tigga writes...
at 9:06:29pm on 10/22/10
I have a twitter account. I'm always on it.
If you have one mine is:!/cHroNopH0BiA (Follow me!)
xx_tigga writes...
at 8:48:55pm on 10/22/10
I'll going to send you my cellphone number in one of those private message thingy.
xx_tigga writes...
at 8:48:19pm on 10/22/10
What have you been up to?
xx_tigga writes...
at 8:48:05pm on 10/22/10
You are on!!!
I've changed my number so many times since 11th grade. Lol.
xx_tigga writes...
at 7:41:39pm on 10/20/10
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