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Making a new 'FFR hidden URL' list from scratch
Posted on: August 23, 2018, at 01:59:34am

And if any of you guys fuck this up/delete it this time, I will find where Synthlight lives and slap him with a sandal so hard that he will be forced to come online and give you all spankings. Ok? Glad we're on the same page. :D

Edit: Synthlight has been slapped. See what you've wrought upon yourself?

  1. This should be safe to post with the change to the token system.


  3. A bit of a stretch, but a lot of the older front page posts were put into named "categories" such as

    Useful for seeing how many credits someone has:
    Note, in the URL, you can change the number after "ffrsiggy" for different versions of the ffrsiggy.
    Below is the thread for instructions for the v1 version:

  5. Not really sure if it's accessible from somewhere but is the cloudy/not clouding stats bar toggle.
    Not sure if this fits the bill either but I thought this was interesting and hadn't seen it as a stats link:


  7. wow sick list

  8. Youindeepshit.txt
    I gotta know wtf the context is for this