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Freshman in college. FF fan, KH fan, just a gaming fan in general.
My BFFAF, Silver <3 My BFFAF's rival, Amy :) My awesome friend Corey! The friends of my friends XD And a bunch of other stuff, but those are the most important =D
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Any music really, except a few bands that I just hate.
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Random Thoughts
What is this?
Posted on: November 29, 2010, at 07:03:33pm   [2 comments]
It's a random thought. If you read this, probably wasted your time :p

My definition of love
Posted on: December 12, 2009, at 06:01:09pm   [4 comments]
Note: I did not copy this from anywhere, so if this is on some site somewhere, that's just a really weird coincidence

Love: That special connection that two people have in which they realize that, together, they are not two people, but just two halves of a greater being, in which they combine to create perfection.

For someone special to me
Posted on: November 13, 2009, at 08:19:08pm   [10 comments]
Through the harsh darkness, my guiding light saves me.

Through murky swamps, my angel carries me.

Through binding times, my beloved frees me.

For it is you who are my guiding light, my angel, my beloved.

Posted on: November 10, 2009, at 09:05:15pm   [2 comments]
Whether FFR makes me feel happy or depressed, i'm not sure yet.

To the one which this concerns
Posted on: November 9, 2009, at 09:28:40pm   [8 comments]
If anything bad happens to you know who, I shall personally find you and make sure that you suffer the same fate.

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darkninja101 writes...
at 8:06:29pm on 10/23/12
Haha exactly. I always feel like a child on Halloween. And that's exactly why its my favortie holiday
darkninja101 writes...
at 3:34:15pm on 10/21/12
its so cute =) are you excited?
darkninja101 writes...
at 10:47:09pm on 10/18/12
I've been alright. =D Its been really cold lately but Halloween is coming and my niece and nephew are so excited.
darkninja101 writes...
at 9:16:15pm on 10/11/12
Sorry for the LONG LONG reply. I got busy. What have you been up to?
darkninja101 writes...
at 2:16:45pm on 8/24/12
Ohhh!!! May I have a look?? ^(^_^)^
darkninja101 writes...
at 4:18:20pm on 8/14/12
How about you??
darkninja101 writes...
at 4:18:05pm on 8/14/12
Nothing really. Except job interviews and stuff.
darkninja101 writes...
at 12:42:32pm on 8/11/12
I've been pretty good.:)Ihaven't really been on either. I've been a busy girl lately LOL
darkninja101 writes...
at 10:49:29pm on 8/10/12
Hey ^_^ it's been a while. how are you??
darkninja101 writes...
at 9:34:51am on 6/2/12
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