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Ask and i'll tell
football magic the gathering(it's acard game) anime and working out
Fav Music:
rock,hard rock,and metal(some punk)
Fav Movies:
anything with blood in it or marvel or dc
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Location:columbus, Ohio, USA
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fearavegecoldblood writes at 6:54:17pm on 3/31/13
hi xEmoRawrz if you want to talk to me on or facebook or my cell,ill be glad to talk to you and if its ok with you just ask which one though lol
xEmoRawrz writes at 7:05:57am on 3/28/13
Mrs.Moonlight writes at 10:00:31pm on 10/14/12
hey, how are you?
fearavegecoldblood writes at 10:07:54pm on 8/20/12
thanks my kaylamackenna
mykaylamackenna writes at 6:50:03pm on 8/20/12
Welcome (:
fearavegecoldblood writes at 11:10:47am on 8/16/12
For Mrs. Moonlight good just bored and working out not to metion im at lunch now hungery lol and about to eat
fearavegecoldblood writes at 11:09:42am on 8/16/12
For Luis:so you like anime too?
Mrs.Moonlight writes at 7:53:26pm on 8/15/12
Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Christine from Alberta Canada. No problem, I like meeting new people. I'm fine with you talking me. =) So how are you?
Revelation20k writes at 7:26:03pm on 8/15/12
oh, my name is Luis
fearavegecoldblood writes at 6:58:45pm on 8/15/12
thanks for the picture too so whats your name?