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--My name is Emily Sue. I like piercings and tattoos. I ahh and ewww over them. O] I love retro things, like old cadillacs and old diners. I'm loud, but yet quiet at times, very outgoing. I like to help people when they're in need. If you're fake, Cut the crap. Cause i'll just straight up call you out and make fun of you. I'm a very honest and straight foward person. I give my opinion. And i'm not going to sugar coat things for you little sissys. Anyways. I'm a vegetarian. I rock. I carry action figures in my purse. WHo knows when you'll need to save the world. I'll be moving to out of va for photography ^^ I'm obsessed with the foam soap at school. I make clouds out of it. and get it everywhere. I rock calculator watches. And, i'm pretty much the shiz. Get over yourself little kiddies. I have a chainsaw. Mhm. :) I love jones soda. Yummy to the tummy.
ringpops, music, transformers, piercings, tattoos, ddr, rockstars, redbull, fender jazzbass, random, grafitti(spelling), Monsters, laughing, being myself, individuality, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's. blah blah, photography, body modification, alex grey, music, juice, vegetarians, FOAM SOAP, hand sanitizer, decepticons, playdoh, opinionated people, waterguns, PSP, The little things of life. calulator watches!
Fav Music:
Atreyu, As I Lay Dying, I Am A Ghost, Norma Jean, Fear Before the March of Flames, The Birthday Massacre, Shiny Toy Guns, Tool, Scarling, Jack Off Jill, Nirvana, Garbage, A Perfect Circle, A Perfect Murder, Zao, JOB FOR A COWBOY^^, Latehatehero, OLDSCHOOL-sum41 and afi and blink.(only the oldoldoldold stuff) A Dozen Furies, A Change of Pace, Horse The Band, The Distillers, The Casualties, Deftones, Ramones, Misfits,311, sublime, Pantera, dead milkmen, Rancid, Blondie, B-52's. +more.
Fav Movies:
SLC PUNK, AMERICAN HISTORY X, Underworld, Underworld evolution, Evil Dead 1&2, V for Vendetta, Transformers^^, (I like old school horror films, and films that have some sort of meaning behind them. ^.^)
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Posted on: September 21, 2007, at 09:02:40am   [2 comments]
So the seasons are changing and as they colors and leaves fall to the ground, I'm starting to smile a bit more. I love this time of year.


not a grave, it won't decay
on you."-As Tall As Lions<3

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Someone looks nice.
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how you doing sweetie?
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lmao nice hello kitty
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hey cutiee!
i added you on aim and i was going to IM you a while ago, because i want to talk to you :] but you never signed on lol
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Happy Birthday!
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hey add me as a friend because i am from bristol 2
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